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Implement an automated discovery system for greater profits in 30 days.
Create positioning that converts like crazy and makes your offerings “no-brainers”
Stop selling cheap one off projects and start landing big ticket clients that stay with you FOREVER
Turn the work you already do for free into a PASSIVE PROFIT machine.
Nurture the shit out of your audience so they are begging to buy again and again!


50K eCom Profits with Etsy and Shopify

Discover Our New eCom Strategy That Generated
$50,539.47 In Sales Within 30 Days Without AliExpress, Print On Demand, Amazon or eBay!”

This Is Your Shortcut To Generating $50K Per Month With A New eCom Strategy That Has Literally Zero Competition!

Hey, it’s Gerald here.
Give me just 5 minutes of your precious time and I’d like to reveal how we generated $50,539.47 within 30 days for our new Shopify store…
– Without AliExpress or Alibaba
– Without Print on Demand
– Without Amazon
– Without eBay
Yes, this is mind-blowing because it is a new strategy that no one else is currently using! See the results below:

My Secret $50K Per Month Etsy Research Method
There is a specific way to do product research in Etsy. I’ve spent weeks and months to perfect this research method and it works like magic! Just like AliExpress and other platforms, there are thousands of products in Etsy… some are good, some are bad and some are unique, special and rare!
I’ve developed a new research method called “$50K Per Month Etsy Research Method” to identify those “unique, special and rare” products because that’s where the money is!
If you can follow this 3 simple step-by-step system, then you can do it too:

Step 1: Find unique products, special or rare products
Step 2: Negotiate with suppliers
Step 3: Market the product

And then wait for your sales to flood in 😉
Besides product research, there are 2 other important components: negotiating with suppliers and fulfilment process. There is a specific way negotiate with suppliers to get higher discount rates. There is also a specific work flow and process to handle fulfilment so that it becomes systematic & super easy.
Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. You’ll get all the scripts and templates in our coaching program.. all handed to you on a silver platter 😉
You can’t learn this from YouTube, Google or any Facebook Groups because I created this strategies myself and no one else is doing it. Either you learn yourself and go through trials and errors (which will cost you months of frustration and thousands of dollars in testing) or you can join our upcoming Etsy Secret Private Group Coaching and let me reveal all our secrets to you on a silver platter.

The choice is yours.
You’re Only One Winning Product Away…
You may be thinking “Only one winning product?!”

Well, the truth is… building a profitable e-Commerce business has never been easier. You only need one source of traffic and one winning product to generate thousands of dollars in sales with Shopify. Each of our students are building their Shopify business for different reasons…
My guess is that for most of you, you are just one winning product away from:
Imagine What’s Possible After Your Product Takes Off!
After coaching many students from all around the world, I have concluded that making money online with Shopify is the easiest method ever.
It is so easy that many of my students are getting sales within 24 hours of launching their first Facebook Ads.
And from all the success stories, I noticed something… You only need ONE WINNER PRODUCT to make your first $1,000, $10,000 or $100,000 in sales!
I want you to understand that you’re literally just one winning product away… from your hopes, your dreams, your future!
And at the same time, a lot of my online friends wanted to know how I generated $50,539.47 in sales within 30 days without AliExpress, Print On Demand, Amazon or eBay.
So today, I’ve decided to do something special for you…
I’ve created the most epic coaching program ever (in my entire 6-year career)…

50K Etsy Private Group Coaching
Your Shortcut To Building A $50,000/Month e-Commerce Business With Etsy
Now this is not some 126-page ebook course..

This is a 3-hour private group coaching with me + 2 months of direct access to me + all the resources and bonuses to help you reach your goals within 90 days.
Just for your information, I charge $1,500 for a one hour consultation and my students paid me anywhere between $5,000 – $30,000 for a group or 1-on-1 coaching. My price is premium because that’s what you get – real results, all the resources that you need, proven strategies and my personal precious time.
When you invest to join our coaching program today, you’ll get access to our $50K Etsy Core System that reveals how I generated $50,539.47 In Sales Within 30 Days Without AliExpress, Print On Demand, Amazon or eBay!
You’ll also get access to proven methods, new tips and strategies and all the resources you need to reach your goals – from product research, to Facebook Ads, to workflow, processes, systems and much much more!
Earning Your First $10K Per Month Has Never Been Easier…
Now, the net profit of this new store is about $20K after all expenses, which is 40% of total revenue (slightly higher than industry standard because of the “unique products” advantage..
But let’s just assume your goal is to earn $10,000 in net profit within the next 30 days.
Let’s do some simple math and see how you can achieve it..
Just imagine that you have found 2 winning products (which you can easily find within just a few days) and your net profit per sale is $40.
To hit $10,000 per month in net profit, you just need 250 sales per month (about 8 sales per day).
And since you have 2 winning products, this means that you only need to get 4 sales per day for each winning products.

Only 4 sales per day!
I’m sure you agree with me that this is very realistic and achievable!
Now imagine this… in my coaching, I’ll also teach you how to scale your ads to many different countries. So if you can sell well in 5 countries, you literally just 5X your income – that’s $50,000 per month!
All I did Was…
– FINALLY helped you to build a business online that made a profit of $1,000 – $2,000 every month… would it be worth it?
– Helped you to find just two winning product that sold just 8 units a day for 2 – 3 years (that’s $10K per month)… would it be worth it?
– Gave you the confidence to know that you have the ability & the knowledge to eventually quit your job & create freedom… would it be worth it?
It would make sense to invest $10,000 to discover how to produce $10,000 – $50,000 every single month right?
But You Won’t Have To Invest $10,000…

The “official” investment in the group coaching is only $1,000..
However because you took your time to be here and are serious about building a successful e-Commerce business, we can get you started from just $600..


Peng Joon The Event Codex

When you invest in Event Codex, here’s what you will be getting:
Selling the Tickets
My “It’s NOT Difficult Or Expensive” Method To Sell ALL The Tickets To Your Event (Worth $17,499, Included FREE)

You’ll discover how to sell out your own event, virtually every time, withOUT spending a ton of money or going crazy to find attendees
The simplest and most clear Facebook Ads Breakdown you’ve ever seen, giving you the EXACT ads and everything else you need (you literally just load them into your account and press “go”) to sell out your event EVEN to cold audiences

The Funnel Stack so you can use a simple, proven funnel to sell your event and maximize the amount of money you get BEFORE your event even takes place (again, it’s already DONE for you, you just fill in the blanks and press “go”)
The “OPE” Goldmine (Other People’s Events), my own tried-and-true method to snag speaking gigs at other people’s events to leverage their audiences and generate crazy revenue with zero overhead
Getting the Gigs, complete clarity on when to get paid to speak vs speak for free vs sponsored lunches vs 50/50 splits…and how to absolutely maximize your time and build your celebrity quickly (just like I did)
Packaging Tickets With Online Courses the RIGHT way, and when NOT to give your tickets away for free (99% of people do this WRONG)
Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions

I know a thing or two about selling out events, wouldn’t you say?
Getting Them to Show Up
The “RMRT” (Right Message Right Time) Approach I Use To Get Them To
Actually Show Up ($8,999 Value)

Micro Commitments, leveraging little “yes’s” to get them to WANT to show up, every time (just cause they buy doesn’t mean they’ll show, your money is made in the back end/getting them to show up!)
Physical Product Welcome Gifts that’ll blow them away with value, virtually demolish ANY signs of buyer’s remorse, AND get them excited as possible to show up for the event
Pre Training, getting them smalls wins BEFORE they show up for the event, so they’re “true believers” by the time they show up (virtually guaranteeing they’ll BUY when they get there)

Selling Them the Show Up so you can feel confident your event will be plump full of raving fans, NOT empty seats
Follow Up Video Series to get even ice cold buyers to know, like, and trust you BEFORE they ever meet you
Minimizing Refunds with just ONE message: the right message at the right time (yep, I already wrote it for you)
Negotiating with Hotels to get them to actually compete with each other, turning into a bidding war, getting you the BEST possible rates
How to Get the Venues Nearly for Free with my simple trick that works 85% of the time!
Logistics Checklist to make sure NOTHING is left out or forgotten (this took us years to get right and MANY expensive mistakes along the way!)
Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions

Fulfilling the Event
My “Everything You Need And Nothing You Don’t” Roadmap To Fulfilling Your Event
The RIGHT Way ($12,499 Value, Included FREE)

Setting up Context to ensure all your surroundings are set up for success (all the perfect environment, rules, frameworks, etc.)
Messaging to preframe the outcome of your event (following the ‘perfect path’ of struggles, successes, strengths, beliefs, and finishing with my beliefs)
How to Serve Them at the Highest Level (go through my checklist to get them “all in” by going after motivation, fears, choices, and aspirations)
Topics to Teach, with absolute clarity on theory vs tactics vs transformation…the easy way

How to Increase Energy Levels to keep everybody excited, engaged, and at peak state throughout the ENTIRE event
Written Exercises, Partner Share, and Class Share to connect the audience and break walls down instantly
Manners of Speaking, including the ‘maximum money’ style of talking “at” vs Presenting To vs Conversation With…and which will be a win-win for everybody
Powerpoint vs Flipcharts and why you absolutely MUST use both
Seeding for Upsells, making the upsell an absolute no-brainer
Price Marinade to establish prices of upsells ahead of time to make NOT buying feel like the “wrong decision”
Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions

Executing the Upsell
Executing The “Perfect Upsell”, Where The REAL Money Is…
(Worth At Least $7,999)

What to Present Right Before the Upsell to virtually guarantee they buy (and you tap into where the REAL money is made)
Advanced Seeding to get your audience connected with you like never before, and at the absolute edge of their seat…begging you to make your offer
Value Marinade which separates the top 1% of closers from everybody else (this alone is worth the whole investment, trust me)

Transition to Upsell and make them feel like they’re not even being pitched anything (the craziest, coolest feeling in the world)
How To Use Testimonials the Right Way to instantly gain trust and full belief in your offer
Mastering the Stack to justify your offer price, no matter how high
Bonuses to push those “over the fence” and buy on the spot
The Different Closes that actually work…which you can use everywhere (not just on stage, literally wipes out the “hard selling” and gets at LEAST 50% of the room in)
Creating a Table Rush that sends the message “the water is fine, jump in” to the rest of the room, creating a buying frenzy
The “Tony Robbins” so you can reverse-engineer one of the greatest speakers in history and integrate the BEST of his stuff immediately into YOUR events…including language impactors, how he tells stories, and more…without seeming like you’re copying
Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions

Look at these table rushes! People stampeding to get their hands on and buy my upsell. That’s going to feel pretty good at your event, isn’t it?? (Just don’t let them trample each other)
Leveraging the Event
Leveraging The Event & Momentum To Propel EVERYTHING Else You Do
(Worth $3,004, Included For FREE)

Testimonial Acquisition which fill up your ‘vault’, one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever have
Sizzle Reel Creation to prevent you from EVER getting “stuck” at the $1-3mil mark OR ever trading time for money, by repurposing your events as fuel for your marketing/branding for everything else
Group Photo Boost for ultimate social proof and viral impact
Repurposing it into a course which becomes a digital asset that you can sell over and over again, 24/7

Private Q&A session with high-level entrepreneurs asking the most valuable questions


Morning Coach

As a coach, speaker, author or an expert in transformational education, have you ever woken up in the morning (or in the middle of the night) feeling heavy with thoughts like:

If only I could generate more leads¦
If only I had more calls booked with hot prospects¦
If only more visitors came to my website¦
If only I could consistently enroll more clients in my one-on-one coaching¦
If only I was able to effortlessly create valuable content which is liked and shared¦
If only I had more clients to coach and create the impact Im truly capable of¦
If only I could consistently generate sales & revenue¦
And¦ if only I knew how to achieve all of the above, without stress or overwhelm, while living the lifestyle I dream of.
If you have experienced this and wish you knew how to turn these If onlys into I did it!¦

Then the contents of this page is going to be one of the most exciting turning points of your life. Heres why.

You are just a few minutes away from accessing the strategies and systems which have generated millions upon millions in sales for legendary brands, as well as built leading transformational education companies that positively changed millions of lives worldwide.

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