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What You Will Learn on This Free Webinar:
How To Create Messenger Marketing ChatBots For Businesses With Ease.
How To Create Sophisticated Automated Workflows That Does Everything For You.
How To Get Businesses To Pay You Monthly Retainers and Quickly Scale to 10k Per Month.
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Dan Henry 30 Day Agency

Introducing 30 Day Agency
30 Day Agency is a proven and tested 4 week implementation program that teaches you how to start a wildly profitable 6-figure Agency business and help you get your first client in 30 days.
It doesn’t matter if you don’t have any tech skills or any previous business experience. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

Battle tested and proven results
The methods taught in the 30 Day Agency program have been battle tested and proven with over 2,400 students around the world.
The program has created helps hundreds of people quit their jobs, and created dozens of people making $10,000 or more per month.
These students are awarded the “$10K Club Award” for their success with the program.

Module 1: Getting Results For Clients
Mastering the A.C.T method for any business!
*Finding winning offers that work for any business
*Advertise: Creating ads on Facebook and Instagram
*Capture: Creating the Capture Pages
*Transform: Getting the info to the clients so they can make the sale

Module 2: Landing Your First Client
All about getting that first trial client!
*How to set up your entire new business in 24 hours (and how to accept payments)
*Tricks of the trade: How to get trial clients fast
* Choosing the right clients and how to structure the deal for success
*How to onboard your first client

Module 3: Scaling To Multiple Clients
Growing your business with paid clients
*How to create a winning case study/ sales funnel that attracts paying clients
*How to create a winning ACT funnel to attract new clients
*How to close prospects on the phone and get paid
*7 ways to find new clients every day

Module 4: Managing Your Agency
How to run, automate, and outsource your agency
*How to manage multiple clients
*How to automate your ad campaigns to save you time
*How to outsource logistics and customer service


AWE18 Replay Video Series

Learn hundreds of the best affiliate and ecommerce tactics:
$1 million in 24 hours: pre-launch strategies
How to triple your 30-day lead value
488% increase through influencer marketing
Native ads: scaling straight sales long-term
Duplicate a top FB app’s user acquisition blueprint
7-figure ABCs of Instagram
Bulk AOV and LTV with triple-threat retargeting
[Exclusive] Tan Brothers’ product research strategy

Learn from superaffiliates earning more than six figures a month these sessions will help you:
Setup advanced audience segmentation
Plan cross-channel advanced pixel placement
Produce consumable personalised content that communicates product value
Build ad campaign foundations that enables 6+ figure scaling
Integrate SEO best practices and guidelines for 2018
Sell any product through story-based marketing

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen the evolution of affiliate marketing first hand. Below is strategically-curated content from Affiliate World Europe designed to bring you up to speed with where the industry is at, what’s working now, what to avoid, and more. Learn from titans of digital marketing like Ryan Deiss and Oli Gardner, as well as speakers on the cutting-edge of our industry like Maor Benaim on advanced pixel placement or Kelly Sheffield on how straight sales can be even more profitable than trial offers. Now’s your chance to relive one of Affiliate World’s most legendary speaker line-ups and take home bonus material that makes consuming the content that much easier.
Which verticals are the most profitable
Which traffic types are yielding the best ROI
Ad account strategies that allow for scale and the inevitable
[Compliant] Creatives that defy banner blindness
How to combat rising traffic costs and competition
and more!

Ecommerce Marketing
We’ve all noticed the merging of ecommerce into our lives. It’s surprising that some people still wonder why it’s crept up and is now nearly married to our industry. Affiliate marketers have the largest advantage to enter ecommerce, with skills that are so transferable, and at times, not even fair to the competition. There’s no second-guessing why half of our content lean towards ecommerce. We’ve brought the leading thought leaders together for advanced ecommerce sessions to take your stores to 6+ figures. The Tan brothers cover their exclusive product research methods, we have Gretta van Riel diving into her $1 million in one day pre-launch strategy, and many more sharing their secrets to success in building massive ecommerce businesses.
How to maximise AOV and LTV through post-purchase targeting
Advanced ad-copy creation using the Hemingway Editor
Guidelines and case study on integrating influencer marketing
How to setup any product for success through story marketing
The holy grail of conversion rate optimisation hacks
and more!


Instagram Mastery and Monetization

Instagram Mastery & Monetization: Pre Order
Grant Cardone’s Go To Instagram Training ProgramModule 1: The Foundation For Success
– Securing Your Account from InstaSpies
– Business vs. Personal Accounts
– Strategic User Name Selection
– Determining Your Super Profit Niche
– Branding vs Romanticism
– And So Much More.

Module 2: InstaStrategy Playbook
– The Low Down on Market Research
– Competitor & Influencer Analysis
– Best Performing Post (BPP) Analysis
– HashTag Research
– Discovering Analytics
– And So Much More.

Module 3: The Jumpstart Blueprint
– Step by Step Guides
– Optimizing Your Profile & Bio
– Implementing HashTag Research
– Your First Post
– Understanding Your Audiences Emotional Response
– And So Much More.

Module 4: Explosive Development Hacks
– Exponential Growth Hacks
– Engagement Groups
– The Instagram Avalanche
– Core Principles of Networking
– From Growth to Monetization
– And So Much More.

Module 5: Your Cash Flow Powerhouse
– Concept of Monetization
– Email Lists & Sales Funnel
– Making Your First Dollar
– They Buyers Process & Secret Formula
– Front End vs Back End
– Automation & Auto Responders
– And So Much More.

Full Access: Digital CEOs Social Media Community
– Network of Social Media Entrepreneurs
– Weekly Live Streams with the Pros
– Understanding High Ticket Sales
– Deep Dives into Brand Awareness
– The Value Ladder
– Daily Growth Hacks & FAQs
– And So Much More.

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