Instagram Mastery and Monetization

Instagram Mastery & Monetization: Pre Order
Grant Cardone’s Go To Instagram Training ProgramModule 1: The Foundation For Success
– Securing Your Account from InstaSpies
– Business vs. Personal Accounts
– Strategic User Name Selection
– Determining Your Super Profit Niche
– Branding vs Romanticism
– And So Much More.

Module 2: InstaStrategy Playbook
– The Low Down on Market Research
– Competitor & Influencer Analysis
– Best Performing Post (BPP) Analysis
– HashTag Research
– Discovering Analytics
– And So Much More.

Module 3: The Jumpstart Blueprint
– Step by Step Guides
– Optimizing Your Profile & Bio
– Implementing HashTag Research
– Your First Post
– Understanding Your Audiences Emotional Response
– And So Much More.

Module 4: Explosive Development Hacks
– Exponential Growth Hacks
– Engagement Groups
– The Instagram Avalanche
– Core Principles of Networking
– From Growth to Monetization
– And So Much More.

Module 5: Your Cash Flow Powerhouse
– Concept of Monetization
– Email Lists & Sales Funnel
– Making Your First Dollar
– They Buyers Process & Secret Formula
– Front End vs Back End
– Automation & Auto Responders
– And So Much More.

Full Access: Digital CEOs Social Media Community
– Network of Social Media Entrepreneurs
– Weekly Live Streams with the Pros
– Understanding High Ticket Sales
– Deep Dives into Brand Awareness
– The Value Ladder
– Daily Growth Hacks & FAQs
– And So Much More.


Sean Cannell Video Ranking Academy 2

Video Ranking Academy 2.0
The proven system for creating and ranking your videos, growing your audience, & turning views into income!
When you enroll today you’ll get instant access to:

The Video Ranking Quick Start Module (5 Videos)

7 CORE VRA Modules (45 Video)

7 CORE VRA Study Guides and Checklists

Private Access to the VRA Facebook Group

BONUS 1: The Ultimate Title Formula Guide

In this guide, I break exactly how to formulate a winning title to help your videos get discovered with case studies and examples in different industries and niches.

BONUS 2: Grow with Live Video Video Course

Learn advanced strategies for Live streaming on YouTube and Facebook and learn how to get 3x the views everytime you go live.

BONUS 3: Growth Hacking YouTube

In this training, I reveal my social media secrets for explosive growth on YouTube.

BONUS 4: Grow with Video

Gain clarity, learn time-saving tools, and create your own custom game-plan to help you crush it in 2018!


Molly Pittman How to Build an Engaging Facebook Messenger Bot

What You’ll Learn

How to quickly create a messenger bot sequence that converts…even if you’ve never written copy or “programmed” a bot
7 quick steps to crafting eye-catching, engaging Facebook messenger conversations
How to stay compliant with Facebook’s ToS (Terms of Service) without giving up exciting content that drives engagement
The 5 elements of engaging bot conversations, and how to implement them in your campaign
How companies like HubSpot and The Wall Street Journal use Messenger Bot Conversations to move BILLIONS of dollars of a wide array of products, PLUS…
How to leverage Molly’s “Acquisition Bot Builder Worksheet” and “Messenger Bot Audit” to craft “fill in the blank” bot campaigns that the convert the very first time!

By the time we’re finished, you’ll have a Messenger bot sequence that converts!

From “what are messenger bots?” to proven strategies for acquiring new conversations, we’ll walk through the complete, step-by-step process of creating a Facebook Messenger bot sequence that engages, informs, and converts your traffic into leads and sales…


Mike Cooch LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp

Introducing the ‘LinkedIn Advertising Bootcamp‘
Why is LinkedIn THE B2B ad platform ?
the best b2B reach online

LinkedIn has 400M users worldwide, and it’s a community that’s 100% focused on business. That makes it the perfect environment to find B2B prospects and clients for your products and services.

incredible ad targeting

The targeting in the LinkedIn ad platform is by far and away the best when it comes to B2B advertising – nothing else even comes close. Target by industry, job title, members of LinkedIn groups, location, language, demographics, and even the employees of a specific company!

simple, but enough features to do the job

The LinkedIn ad platform is much simpler to use than the Facebook ad platform. But at the same time, it has everything you need to be successful: retargeting pixels, conversion tracking, split-testing, and a variety of different ad formats.
What You’ll learn at the linkedIn Advertising bootcamp

1# How to laser target your perfect prospects on the LinkedIn Ad Platform

Don’t waste a dime on ads to the wrong person!

Laser target your exact ideal prospect based on location, gender, age, industry, job title, universities attended, LinkedIn groups their in, company they work at, and more!
How to expand your audience the right away…and avoid the audience expansion options that will cost you way too much for too little return!.
How to combine the various ad targeting functions on LinkedIn to cut as much waste from your campaigns as possible.

2# How to Execute our ‘Prime the Pump’ strategy to lower your ad costs by 50%

a step-by-step process

I’ll show you exactly how we ‘Prime the Pump’ on LinkedIn to cut costs by as much as 50% and make sure our content is resonating with our audience
How to minimize budget invested until you know you have a winner to run with
The most important factor we’ve found in dramatically lowering the cost of our ‘Awareness’ campaigns so we can be in front of more prospects every day.

3# How To Set Up A Complete Marketing Funnel Within LinkedIn

Pull Your Prospects Through Each Step Of The Funnel

How to use content and direct response ads as a team to pull interested prospects through a step-by-step funnel
The critical multi-step process you must take before making a direct offer to a prospect
How to incorporate Facebook and your other audience lists into your LinkedIn ad campaign strategy for best (and cheapest!) results.

4 # Live training With Mike Cooch & Team

i won’t leave you hanging!

You’ll have questions…we’ll do a live training so I can answer them
I’ll walk through everything live to make sure all critical topics are covered completely.

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