TradeSmart University Total Fibonacci Trading

Class 1 – Introduction to Fibonacci Trading
Part 1 – Introduction to Fibs 0h 10m
Part 2 – The Right Tool for the Right Job 0h 15m
Part 3 – Getting Started With Fibs 0h 15m
Part 4 – Golden Ratio 0h 14m
Part 5 – Establishing Ranges 0h 10m
Part 6 – Drawing Ranges 0h 11m
Part 7 – Homework 0h 4m
Class 2 – Fibonacci Ranges And Confluence
Part 1 – Quick Review 0h 13m
Part 2 – Focusing The Grid 0h 12m
Part 3 – Examples of Range Drawing 0h 8m
Part 4 – Confluence 0h 10m
Part 5 – Examples of Confluence 0h 11m
Part 6 – Homework 0h 5m
Class 3 – Targeting
Part 1 – Entry Targets 0h 13m
Part 2 – Targeting With Extensions 0h 5m
Part 3 – Profit Targets 0h 13m
Part 4 – Targeting Examples 0h 6m
Part 5 – Confluence Projections 0h 5m
Part 6 – Example of Confluence Projections 0h 9m
Part 7 – Homework 0h 3m
Class 4 – The X-Axis
Part 1 – Introduction to the X-Axis 0h 9m
Part 2 – The X-Axis 0h 9m
Part 3 – Fibonacci Time Zones 0h 11m
Part 4 – Time Zone Examples 0h 12m
Part 5 – Fibonacci Angles 0h 4m
Part 6 – Example of Fibonacci Angles 0h 3m
Part 7 – Homework 0h 1m
Class 5 – Fibonacci And Elliot Wave
Part 1 – The Basics of Elliot Wave 0h 13m
Part 2 – Wave Personalities 0h 12m
Part 3 – Fibonacci Relationships to Waves 0h 9m
Part 4 – Example of Drawing Waves with Fibonacci Analysis 0h 8m
Part 5 – Homework 0h 5m
Class 6 – Trade Setups
Part 1 – Introduction to Trade Setups 0h 9m
Part 2 – Trades Using Confluence 0h 11m
Part 3 – Example of a Confluence Setup 0h 11m
Part 4 – ABC Pattern 0h 4m
Part 5 – Example of ABC Pattern 0h 5m
Part 6 – Gartley Pattern 0h 14m
Part 7 – Homework 0h 2m
Class 7 – Fibonacci and Intraday Trading
Part 1 – Intraday Trading and Fractals 0h 11m
Part 2 – The 15 Minute Rule 0h 9m
Part 3 – Example of a 15 Minute Rule 0h 6m
Part 4 – Homework 0h 2m
Class 8 – Trading Plan
Part 1 – Fibs and the Anatomy of the Trade 0h 12m
Part 2 – Trade Optimization 0h 14m
Part 3 – Roadmap for Success 0h 22m
Introduction (2014) 2h 20m
Focusing the Grid (2014) 1h 30m
Focusing the Grid (Legacy – Includes Cycle Measurements) 2h 10m
Targeting (2014) 1h 57m
Timing your Trades Using Fibs
Angles and the X-Axis 2h 35m
Elliot Wave and Fib Extension
Elliot Wave And Fibonacci 1h 50m
Putting it All Together
Trade Setups (2014) 1h 36m
Intraday Trading with Fibs 2h 20m
Putting It All Together with a Plan (2014)


MindValley 12 Dimensions of Mastery

The Lifebook Quest
In Just 30 Days, Emerge With A Complete Vision For Your Entire Life
Powered By Mindvalley’s New Quest Learning Methodology, Lifebook 30-Day Quest takes you into Jon Butcher’s precise methodology to examine 12 important areas of your life and create precise visions and strategy to move each to the next level.

This course is for people who refuse to live ordinary lives and are willing to level up their game to create extraordinary results in 12 different dimensions of their life that modern education overlooked.
Here’s a secret that many of the world’s top performing people know:
Our schools and universities do not teach us the actual skills that lead to success. Not by a wide shot. They were designed to create cogs in the wheels of industry. But not men or women who truly live remarkable lives of happiness, meaning and success.
Thus, most of these truly successful men and women take their initiatives to define success.
Lifebook was a method started by one such man. Jon Butcher lives a life so unusual he could be a candidate for those famous Dos Equis “The World’s Most Interesting Man” commercials. But what makes him unique is that his life was planned and curated….every bit of it…using a method called Lifebook.
Today, Lifebook Members are outliers who ignore the traditional definitions of success our broken education system teaches us. Instead they live a life of their own design, achieving unprecedented levels of success, happiness and fulfillment in all of the most important areas. Areas that traditional education has so far missed.

What You’ll Learn
Twelve Ways The Lifebook Challenge Will Transform You
In Lifebook Challenge, we’re going to look DEEPLY at what having it all MEANS, what it LOOKS LIKE and whether it’s possible for you. Jon will share secrets and best practices in each of the categories, explore how to eliminate the obstacles that are holding you back, keeping you frustrated and stuck – and then we’ll share powerful exercises with you that will move the needle IMMEDIATELY in the following 12 categories of your life.

01 Health & Fitness
While many people struggle to be in control of their health, you will have a system to put you in great physical shape, one that will help you look good and feel great and be strong and vibrant. This category also has immense effect on the other categories of life.

02 Intellectually
You will know exactly what you need to do to be fulfilled and challenged. This is an incredibly important and often overlooked area of life. You will have a system to be creative and process the ideas that are coming to you.

03 Emotionally
You will start being more joyful and FEEL GOOD the vast majority of the time — this is key to having the Lifebook system work for you. You’ll get the recipe to create emotions at will so you can be in full control of your feelings.

04 Character
We usually don’t get trained to set goals for our character. In Lifebook, you will pay attention to your character and shape it to become strong and solid with high self-esteem and an overall feeling of pride about the person you are.

05 Spirituality
Very few people have taken time to sit down and define their spirituality. In Lifebook, you’ll not only define it, but you will also understand the value of spiritual fulfillment, will be in touch with your purpose in life and actually start living that purpose.

06 Romance
If you’re married, you will shift gears and move towards a fantastic marriage, not a mediocre one. A passionate, loving relationship – a great sex life – with mutual respect and admiration. If you’re single, you will have a strategy to attract your soul mate.

07 Parenting
If you’re a parent or you want to be one some day, you will know exactly what to do to be the BEST parent you can be and set an amazing example for your children about how to live a great life.

08 Social
Studies show that nothing correlates with your happiness more than your social connections. In Lifebook, you’ll learn how to consciously create your extraordinary social life and build friendships that nourish you and pull your life forward.

09 Career
You will have in your hands your values for a successful career that stimulates and fulfills you – where you look FORWARD to your work every day. For the first time, you’ll have clarity on the work you love and the work you’re good at.

10 Finances
You will radically transform your relationship with money, and learn the systems you can use to create financial abundance for yourself while creating value for others — and do that in a financial model that works so you can create wealth and have all the THINGS and experiences with the people you care about.

11 Quality of Life
You will transform your day-to-day lifestyle, and start valuing your quality of life more than anything in this world. You will start surrounding yourself with the things you want, the car you want to drive, the environment you want to be in and the adventures you want to take part in. The environment is extremely important. In Lifebook, you will have the strategies to create any kind of environment you want whether it’s creative, warm, inspiring or sensual.

12 Life Vision
You will tie together all that you’ve learned in the other categories and develop a single compelling vision for what you want to experience on a daily basis. All well-crafted life-visions entail having crossed a threshold to an extraordinary life where the heavy lifting has been DONE, and the urgency and stress are GONE. You’ve hit a tipping point where you’ve got your life figured out, and you’re enjoying it without this daily immense energy output that is exhausting, draining and overwhelming.


Jack Canfield Train The Trainer Online

Jack Canfield’s Online Certification Program
Transform Your Career & Life While Helping Others Achieve Their Biggest Goals
Empower Others to Unlock Their Greatest Potential With My Proven Transformational Training Methodology

Success Principles Core Content Modules
I will personally instruct you on how to use my core Success Principles and powerful experiential exercises to help others overcome blocks and create real change in their lives – faster than you thought possible.
– You’ll be guided step by step on exactly how to teach the core body of my work. The lessons are all self paced and focus on how to teach my Success Principles in live, experiential, interactive trainings. This will get you more than prepared to confidently and successfully begin using this content live and in person
– You’ll see how to facilitate my experiential exercises, and how to guide your clients or audience through massive life-changing breakthroughs. I’ll show you how to teach, train, and coach others to new levels of emotional freedom, happiness, and success, by using the tools I give you
– You’ll see how to integrate these principles into any other training curriculum you’re already teaching. So if you have an existing coaching practice, want to start a new coaching or training business, or want to become a better corporate manager or trainer – you’ll discover how to weave this material into literally any field or niche
– You’ll discover how to incorporate my Success Principles and habits into your own life for stunning advancement in every goal you may have. It doesn’t matter if it’s your career, finances, health, relationships, well-being, or anything else – you can use these principles to experience rapid and profound transformation in yourself, from the inside out
– Customized Success Plans to help you stay on track, complete the program, and become Certified based on a timeline of your choosing. Each Success Path gives you a detailed week-by-week schedule and additional resources to manage your time so virtually guaranteed to successfully finish the program.
– Plus much, much more!

You’ll Also Get Comprehensive Written Training Modules, Worksheets and Handouts
Detailed Blueprints for Successful Hour-long, Half-day, and Full-day Trainings
Fully Customizable Slide Decks You Can Start Using Today
Additional “Canfield Methodology” Tools to Enhance Your Presentations and Transform Your Audience Members

Introducing: Train the Trainer Online
The Success Principles Certification Program
Become a Certified Canfield Success Principles Trainer and learn to master the proven success system that has helped millions of people create the life of their dreams.

Whether you desire to:
– Deliver your own Success Principles-style workshops and trainings
– Become more confident teaching, speaking or training audiences of any size
– Elevate your game – personally and professionally by incorporating these concepts into your daily life
– Train your managers or employees – and boost productivity and job satisfaction
– Incorporate experiential exercises and holistic training methods to other programs you already teach
– Start a new career as a professional trainer, speaker or coach
My Train the Trainer Online Certification Program will show you how to teach my proven curriculum and training methods and give you everything you need to hold workshops, seminars, and live training events that gets results.


Justin Cener UGC Master Class

What Is User Generated Content (UGC)?
User Generated Content (UGC) is any type of content that has been created and put out there by unpaid contributors, customers, or fans. For eCommerce and Shopify Entrepreneurs, that means customer submitted product review images and/or videos.

Learn My Exact UGC Strategies
UGC can become your best ads overnight! They’re consistently my highest ROI, highest converting ads. In this two hour master class, you’ll learn how to make money with UGC in your ads, on your site, in your emails, and much more!

Done For You Templates
After you watch the seven training videos, you’ll be able to download my Done For You UGC Templates. This means you’ll be able to simply copy and paste my exact ad templates, outreach messages, ad graphics, and more!

What’s Inside The User Generated Content Master Class?
Lesson 1 – Introduction to UGC
Lesson 2 – My UGC Strategy
Lesson 3 – Getting UGC
Lesson 4 – Preparing UGC
Lesson 5 – Using UGC
Lesson 6 – Scaling With UGC
Lesson 7 – Done For You Templates

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